Done for 2015, What To Expect In 2016

people masked for a haloween in costumes posing for a picture in front of a pedal pub

The 4 months of 2015 of doing tours in Rochester were amazing on so many levels. Rochester showed its true colors and stepped up whenever I needed help and I was able to find many great local vendors to work with. I had a some sold out weekends where I had to turn down business […]

The Routes updated May 2024

pedal pub picture in front of a cathedral

Your driver will call you the day or two before your tour to walk you through the day of your tour and to find out where your group wants to go. If you are doing your tour Sunday-Tuesday be sure to take a look at the bars hours on google to make sure they are […]

Top 10 Pandora Stations To Listen To On Your Pedal Tour

two pedal pubs and a group of people posing in front of a Cathedral of St Joseph

This isn’t a Taliban controlled territory, you get to pick the music you want to listen to as you cruise around the city. All of our bikes have a great speaker system which you hook up to peoples cell phones. Listen to Pandora, Spotify or a custom play lists. We leave the music up to […]

Fall Tours

group of people with wide smiles posing for a picture in front of a pedal pub

As I write this in November I am one week from packing up the bike and putting it into a garage to store it for the winter. It is not the cold that prevents us from doing tours, it is the salt and slush on the ground which would destroy the underside of the bike. […]

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