Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette Party Fun For The Whole Bridal Party!

Celebrating your bachelorette party by doing a pedal tour will be something that you will not regret! Bring your own cans of beer, wine, seltzers, hard lemonade and iced teas and canned cocktails in addition to all of your own food and snacks. You do not have to be 21 to do a tour just to drink on it. With the back bench grandma, pregnant, injured can come and have fun. You will visit 2 bars of your choosing during your tour. You just let the driver know when they call you a few days before your tour. Decorate the bike, play your own music off our speaker and let us handle the driving. Your driver is also your photographer and will take tons of high quality photos of you and the group throughout your tour.  Jack and Jill parties are big now with both groups celebrating together, or you can always have the guys on one bike and the ladies on the other.

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bachelorette parties

Your married friends wish pedal tours existed when they got married. You pick the route and decorate the bike. 

Your Bachelorette Pedal Party Experience

Your tours begin and end at the Marshall Street Bar and Grill which is centrally located downtown and you pick the bars you want to go to from our route options. All of your route options are listed on this page and you do not have to let us know what route you want to take when you book. Your driver will call you in the week leading up to your tour to walk you through the day of your tour and to find out what bars you want to visit then. Play your own music off our speakers via your phone.  Make a fun sign on posterboard for the back of the bike. Beep for the bride, buy the bride a drink and put her venmo/cash app on it $$$ Something groups do now is get matching shirts, drink sleeves and sunglasses. The internet has so many places that let you add photos, names, etc. Just plan ahead

Our goal is to make sure that organizers job is as stress free as possible which is why we use our experience to help you out every step of the way. When you click the green book now button on our homepage you are able to view an up to the minute availability calendar. While you can book online we can save you money by booking with us over the phone since our online booking software charges a 6% premium.  The best part is that right when you book you get an awesome confirmation email/reciept automatically sent to the email you provide us. It tells you where to be, at what time, bring this, do not wear that and everything we feel is important for groups to know ahead of time. You just forward or copy and paste the email to everyone coming so you do not have to say everything over and over and this way no one can say you did not tell me this or that. They just did not read what you sent them. Your driver will call you in the days leading up to your tour to walk you through the day of your tour, to find out what bars you want to visit and to answer any questions you have. Our drivers do much more then just drive you around, the big thing they do on the day of your tour is take all the group photos on your phone. Make sure you have plenty of battery and memory so they can snap away and capture the memories for you.

To Ensure A Perfect Tour Read Our Blog Entries Below Which Are Detailed Write-ups About Every Facet Of A Pedal Tour Including Routes, Packing, Decorating And Some Pro Tips

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