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Team Building Pedal Tour Activities in Rochester NY

Now that covid is in the rearview mirror and companies are doing team building events again we offer something perfect for groups as small as 6 all the way up to groups of 56. Whether your group wants to let loose and get after it or wants to do a team building where groups want to get to know each other better. We offer something for all different groups! From the largest companies in the area to small businesses find out for yourself what they already know about pedal tours as a team building event. It works! Many organizers are shocked by how many people commit to the event and need to rent an extra bike

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A team building pedal bike tour provides you and your co-workers with a great way to enjoy each other’s company outside the office.

A team building pedal bike tour provides you and your co-workers with a great way to enjoy each other’s company outside the office. We offer food tours where you visit 2 places and pre order the food to skip the waiting. A history tour around downtown where you still drink on the bike and visit one bar/restaurant. And of course our bar and brewery tours where you pick the stops you want to make. Heck you can even book a bar tour under history if you dont want accounting to know what you are really up to 

A team building boat tour means the group meets at the Port of Rochester in Charlotte for a 100 minute tour that goes south on the river towards the city. The water is super calm and there is so much beauty on the riverbeds to look at while we go down the river. Bring all your own food and alcohol, play your own music off our speaker and we are your captain and first mate. The boat fits up to 18 guests and because it is motorized you could in theory do it by yourself if you wanted. 

What to Expect for your Pedal Tour

First and foremost, you should expect to have a fun-filled time! Once everyone is at the begin/end location we take over and the organizer can become just someone having fun with their co workers. We will take group photos, answer any questions people have and we even have trivia to play downtown if you bring some small prizes (candy works great)

Costs depend on the number of guests and weekend vs weekday rate. While the bike and boat have different rates our pricing model is the same which is that our base rate covers a group of up to 10 guests and then when it is closer to the tour you give us your final guest count and get charged the pro rated rate for any extra guests. If you are unsure of your final guests you can wait until the time of your tour begins just the rate goes up an extra $5 per person when it is less than 48 hours until your tour start time

Bike Rates- Weekday $300, Friday- Sunday $350 for up to 10 guests then $30 or $35 for extra guests after the 10th guest

Boat Rate- Weekday $350, Friday-Sunday $400 for up to 10 guests and $35 or $40 for each extra guest after the 10th guest

Choosing a Team Building Pedal Tour

Rochester Pedal Tours offers different tours consisting of private pub crawlsbrewery toursprogressive dinnersarchitecture tours, and more! When booked for team building outings, these tours can be a great way to get to know your co-workers and feel more comfortable with them outside the office. It’s our goal to ensure everyone has a great time, so the bonds formed on your pedal tour spill into your workday come Monday morning.

Enjoy a comfortable night out with a couple of drinks, some food, and a ton of laughs as you get to know your co-workers! Book your next team building experience with Rochester Pedal Tours today!

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