Birthday Party Tours

Kids Party Bike Tours

It is really cool to see guests who celebrated birthdays as a teenager choosing to go on a drinking pedal tour when they turn 21.

That means they had fun celebrating before and so will your group.

With both bikes and boat we have something to offer everyone. The bike fits up to 15 people and the boat up to 18 guests. What is nice about the boat is that the motor does all of the work because while the bike has an electric assist it does require pedaling and you have to be tall enough to pedal. On both tours you get to bring all of your own food and drinks, play your own music off our speaker and we do the driving. Whether you want to invite other parents or siblings on the tour that is up to you.

Our kids bike tours are extremely customizable from what part of the city your group wants to visit to where your group will stop. Our highly central location is near many of murals, landmarks and parks with nearby businesses that sell ice cream, coffee and deserts.  The South Wedge route even features a kid friendly arcade to visit. Your driver will let you know the options and you will go over where you want to go with them beforehand.  

group of ladies in the summer posing for a picture in front of a pedal pub in the city
birthday party tours

Whether you’re looking for bikes or boats, we’ve got you covered for the best birthday experience possible!

Our Birthday Party Boat Tours

Go up and down the Genesse River for 100 minutes. It is a smooth calm ride and has a motor so you do not have to worry about pedaling. You get to bring all your own food, snacks, drinks and play your own music on our bluetooth speaker. There is plenty of room for people to move around during the tour and you stay on the boat the whole time. 

With all tours with minors parents must sign a waiver ahead of time giving their child permission to join on the tour. 

Price is based off number of people and day of the week. You can book and add guests on later if you are unsure of the final number. Please be sure to call us and book direct so that you do not have to pay any online booking fees and we can answer any questions you have

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