Retirement Party

Retirement Party Boat Tour

The boat tour begins and ends at the Port of Rochester in Charlotte, the 100 minute tour takes you up and down the Genesse River past Turning Point Park. Where the tour begins and ends is filled with restaurants and bars to before/after your tour. It is a party boat so you are not going bar hopping like you do on the bike. The cost is $350 Monday-Thursday for a group of up to 10 people. When you have more than 10 people each additional guest is $35 more per person. Weekends start at $400 with the same extra $35 per person after the 10th. Tip is not included in that rate, groups usually tip $5 per person for the crew to split

Retirement Party Bike Tour

The bikes offer a variety of tours ranging from food tours to architecture to brewery and bar crawls. All the tours are 2 hours and begin and end at Marshall Street Bar and Grill. You get to pick where your group will visit on the tour. You get to bring your own food and drinks, play your own music off our speaker and we do the driving. Decorate the bike, make a fun sign and bring something with your business name for us to put on the bike as we pedal around downtown. We have two 13 seat bikes and one 15 seater which means we can take groups of up to 41 people out together. The cost starts at $300 Monday-Thursday for groups of up to 10 people then each additional guest is $30 more. Weekends start at $350 for up to 10 guests then $30 for each additional person. Tip is not included but $5 per person is pretty standard unless groups are rowdy then they tip us more

group of peeople posing in fron of a pedal pub that has a sign on it celebrating 2 birthdays at once
retirement parties

This is the perfect way to celebrate a staff member retiring with a party on either our bikes or boat.

Fun & Exciting Retirement Party Ideas in Rochester!

This is the perfect way to celebrate a staff member retiring with a party on either our bikes or boat. Covid prevented many people from getting a proper send off but a pedal tour is the perfect activity because you are with your group just and the driver. The bikes and boat are similar in that you get to bring your own food and drinks including alcohol but are also different

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