Bachelor Parties

Bachelor Party Pedal Tours Are A Great Start To A Night You Will Never Forget!

Cruise around Rochester drinking with your buddies as you go bar hopping is the perfect way to celebrate your boy’s big day.  You get to bring your own beer, seltzers, hard iced teas and lemonades and food with you, play your own music off our speaker and not have to worry about driving. Hell if you want to go to the strip club we have you covered with NO Cover at Barrel of Dolls which is right by 3 Heads Brewery. We have two 13 seat bikes and one 15 seater and if your group is large enough you can even rent multiple bikes at once.  In addition to a ton of bachelor and bachelorette parties we also do a good amount of Jack and Jill parties where the guys and girls go out to party together… Or take separate routes and meet up after the tour.   Best men I am talking to you when I say make sure you propose going out on the pub crawler for the bachelor party because the groom will appreciate it when he has the coolest bachelor party out of all of his friends.

group of guys smiling and posing in fron of a pedal pub holding a sign celebrating their friends marriage
bachelor parties

Cruise around Rochester drinking with your buddies as you go bar hopping is the perfect way to celebrate your boy’s big day.

We Make The Whole Process Easy From Booking To Execution

We make everything super easy for you organizers by sending you an awesome confirmation email that says where to be, at what time, bring this, dont do that for you to copy and paste or forward to everyone coming so you do not have to say everything over and over. Your driver calls you to walk you through the day of your tour and to find out where you want to visit in the week leading up to your tour. If you are from out of town we will help with all the planning to make sure your group has an amazing experience.   This is the perfect way to show off Rochester to your out of town guests, not many cities have pedal tours in them. We do this year round, between the pedaling and the drinking you will be more then warm enough.

While you may think that decorating the bike is something that only the bachelorette parties do, going to the dollar store and buying a piece of poster board and making a witty sign will increase community engagement and make a great prop for all the group photos we take on the organizers phone. On the blog section of our website we have an entire blog filled with great signs from past groups for you to piggy back off of. Our tours begin and end at Marshall Street Bar and Grill which is the perfect place to continue the party after your tour with cheap drinks and great bar food.

I booked a tour - now what?

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