Fall Pedal Tours

group of people smiling and posing on a pedal pub while being in the heavy snow

After a busy summer of tours it leaves me excited for a cooler fall climate which is more condusive to pedal tours. With fall pedal tours not only does the temprature drop but it involves a few different things ranging from types of beers brought, how to dress and times of day most sought after. […]

Celebrate Your Next Birthday With Us

people riding a pedal pub that is heavily decorated with ballons celebrating a 21st birthday

Birthdays are by far our largest segment of tours, doubling our next closest which is bachelorette parties. When celebrating your birthday with us be sure to do a few things to make sure your group has the best experience possible. Starting before your tour by focusing on what the birthday persons favorite things are. There […]

10 Things Groups Had To Learn The Hard Way So You Wont Do Them

1.) Drink there own alcohol and eat there own food at Marshall Street Bar and Grill. You are at a business so idk why anyone would think that would be allright in the first place but the fact that it makes this list tells you we need to cover it for a reason. Anyone caught […]

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