We now offer the opportunity for groups all around NY State to rent one of our 13 seat bikes. We have a trailor and truck that can bring it to wherever your group wants for the right price. This past Wednesday we brought one of our bikes to Skaneateles to take out a group from Liberty Mutual which was on an executive retreat and we took them to a White Burch tasting room, for ice cream, parked the bike against the lake and hung out and rode around downtown. Whether you want to rent the bike to ride around the neighborhood, a festival or around a different town then where we do tours for the right price we can make that happen. Give us a call at 585-348-7498 to discuss your event and we can give you a better estimate on pricing. 

The Price Depends on several factors

Distance we have to trailor the bike

How long you want to rent the bike (3 hour minimum rental) the hourly rate depends on weekend vs weekday. 

 Is it for a private group rental or are you trying to shuttle groups back and forth?

Will the driver be tipped by you or from the riders

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