My name is Phil I am the owner of Rochester Pedal Tours and Cycle Boats. I started the company in July of 2015 and every year I have expanded. Last year in late June I began operating the cycle boat out of the port of rochester.  Starting any new business is tough but when the coast guard has to check everything before you begin tours it is even harder. That process taught me a lot and once the boat was in the water we began showing customers an amazing time. Most of our customers had only seen the Genesse River where it cuts through downtown and at the pier area. When they saw the amazing nature we have once we pass under the bridge heading upstream they take more photos of the trees and birds then they do of what is happening on the boat. On the boat you get to bring your own beer, wine, cider, sparkling seltezer and mikes hard lemonade type drinks in addition to all the foods and snacks you want. What is nice about the seating arrangement is that you pedal with a table in front of you which makes it easy to put out all of your food and pass around dishes. The boat also has a retractable awnning so you can get as much or as little sunshine as you want.  Just like the bikes the boat has a bluetooth speaker for you to play music off of your phone from. We were so busy this past summer that I took my master captains license certification from the united states coast guard so that i will be able to drive the boats this summer. We were busy last summer and I am sure we will be even busier this summer so be sure to book your tour sooner rather than later

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