Types of Decorations Not Allowed on Pedal Tours

Giant number ballons for birthdays, giant bunches of ballons that block the drivers view of behind the bike. We have a limit of 4 ballons

Giant Penises, we dont care about straws and small versions but we dont need kids asking their parents about it

Noise makers, silly string, whistles, bubbles are not allowed

We encourage all of groups to make a fun sign to hang on the back of the bike. Go to the dollar store and get a piece of posterboard and then go to our social media to get great sign saying ideas. We have tape and will put it on the back of the bike. For those who are considering making a sign not on posterboard please note that it cannot be wider than a doorway so that it does not block our turn signals on the back of the bike.

What To Do- Make a sign for the back of the bike, have the artist in the group make a sign on posterboard like the type you would for a school project back in the day. You can buy it at the dollar store.  Now remember it can’t be wider then a doorway so that it doesn’t block our turn signals.  The popular sign idea is to put the birthday boy or bachelorettes venmo on the sign for people to send them money. YES people really do!

The bike is colorful so streamers dont really do anything. We more encourage groups to dress up in a certain theme such as colofrul wigs, 80s workout gear, grannies gone wild or wear a certain color.

Dont try to hang things across the bike or by peoples knees, when we begin pedaling and the breeze blows them into peoples faces and interferes with their pedaling they will get annoyed and take them down. Don’t waste your money or time on decorations like this.

Make sure any ballons you bring are on strings, if you try and tape them to the bike they will just blow away and since we do not litter we cannot have that happen. Remember we cannot have our vision compromised by too many ballons, 6 normal ballons is the perfect number.

Do not bring packaging tape! It will take the finish off the bike and is not allowed for decorating, bring painters tape so when we are cleaning off the bike at the end of your tour for the next group we can make sure we get everything off.

Since decorating goes hand in hand with birthdays here is a good time to mention to bring cupcakes versus a birthday cake so you do not have to worry about utensils and plates. Not those tiny cupcakes tho because they are all frosting and make a mess. Another fun thing to do is buy the birthday persons favorite type of bite size candy for everyone to munch on


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