The cycle boat offers a great kids party because the motor does the work and you do not have to worry about anyone pedaling. The boat fits up to 18 guests and is a very safe activity. With covid we do want to make sure all the parents agree on a mask or no mask policy (the crew will be fully masked) You bring all the food and drinks, play the music off our speaker, play games and we do the driving as we go up and down the Genesse River.

We offer a wide array of activities for minors to go out on the bike, these tours are on a case by case basis determined by a number of things ranging from the height of the group, will parents be present, do the tours we offer interest them.  We have done 15 children’s tours as of writing this blog and as the driver for them I can tell you they appreciated going out on the bike more then any of the adult tours. We have 3 tours for minors on the bike, the first is our architecture tour which takes the group around downtown making stops along the way. You can see an entire write up of the tour under the architecture tour when you click the book a tour button on the top scroll bar. We then stop at the Subway station and the group picks up take out from Dinosaur BBQ that would be pre ordered. Our other options for tours is the South Wedge route which will take the group from Hedonist Ice Cream Parlor to Playhouse/Swillburger which is a 90s style arcade and burger bar. This is perfect for birthday parties and last hurrahs before the kid’s go off to college. Our Park Ave route takes groups to Sinful Sweets for cupcakes and then we bring the bike to the Art Gallery where the group get’s off for a picnic.  We also offer a Pokemon tour that takes the riders to areas that are big on “Pokemon” this is our newest offering and it has done very well for us and for guests having a fun tour. For tours where people are under 18 years old we need for parents to sign the waivers for the children and have the children bring them with them. They are available under the FAQ section of our website to print out by clicking the link. We also allow minor’s on the bike for family architecture tours and we do a lot of high school students going out on architecture tours. The children will have a blast going on the tour and it is a great way for parents to hang out with their kids and their kids friends in an environment where everyone is having fun. When booking your tour please click the book a tour button on the top scroll bar and select the private pub crawl which means it is the children and parents and you pick the route and bring all of your own stuff and that is where you will book it.

With childrens tours we do hospitality included (meaning the tip) is added before the tour since childrens tours are more work for the driver and children do not tip.

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