Progressive Dinners are perfect for any occasion whether it be a retirement party, birthday, team building or just because you dont want to just go to the bars and drink. You control where your group wants to go eat, it all comes down to how much people want to spend and what restaurants have good shareable dishes. The goal of progressive dinners is that you order a lot of different foods then you try different foods that you would not order because you do not want to get left with a whole tray of something you may not like. From the list below you will pick out 2 restaurants and when the driver calls you ahead of time to walk you through the day of your tour and to find out what restaurants you want to visit they will tell you what time you will arrive at the restaurants. You then call the restaurants a few days ahead of time to pre order the food so that when your group arrives at that time the food is just coming out. You order your drinks when you arrive.

From Vesper

How it works is that you pick 2 restaurants from the list below and bring desert. In addition to bringing desert you can bring 2-12oz cans of beer, wine, cider, sparkling selters or mikes hard lemonade type drinks per person. We want to make sure you get your pedals worth on the bike so that is why we would not recommend picking Ox and Stone and Swan Dive.

The first area where you have Pouring Joy, Ox and Stone, Swan Dive and ROC Brewing. 

You get 40 minutes inside to eat then we pedal to the second restaurant. You pedal from there to either Dinosaur BBQ, Native Eatery, Vesper, St Paul Proper or 5th Frame for about 40 minutes.

Another option is to pick one of the restaurants to order food from and pick a place like Fattey Beer Company where you can bring all your own food inside

When you leave there you will have the desert that you brought on the bike or you may be so full that you chose not to bring any. From there we pedal back to Marshall Street Bar and Grill where the tour begins and ends. You can always pre order food and have it waiting for when your group gets back. If your group will be ordering food and drinks after your tour they are fine with letting you bring in birthday cake or cupcakes (just let them know ahead of time)

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