Our first pedal tour was July 10th 2015 and going on our 4th season it is amazing how much has changed. There is so many developements taking place that are changing our downtown Rochester for the better. Right next to us the Strong Museum has begun work on its parking garage which when completed will allow them to build all types of cool structures where the parking lot currently stands. The former Inner Loop site has gone from construction site that made ours tours take longer routes around it to being a being a beautiful walkway with development hopefully beginning on it. Bars and restaurants come and go but the new ones are bringing in new concepts and bettering the bar strips.  Uber/Lyft have been huge for the bars, during our late night tours we see them being used over and over. 

The Port of Rochester is something I call Rochester hidden gem. The Fast Ferry debacle is a black eye that will always loom over the Port but too many people have never properly tried out the Charlotte District.  Rochesterians do not realize how many restaurant/bars on the water that have dock space compared to other cities. That does not include the Lake Avenue restaurants which when combined with the Port of Rochester complex restaurants mean that you can get any type/nationality of food you want in a small area.  Most major rivers that cut through cities are surrounded by housing all around it, Rochester has beautiful green space and when those trees begin to change colors it is super pretty. Most of the riders on our cycle boat have only seen the Genesse River where it cuts through downtown and at the pier area. Many riders take more photos of nature then they do of what is happening on the boat. The one black spot but people love learning about is the abandon dinner cruise ship that has sat abandon for over 12 years (maybe more) and is just a giant bird house now. Idk who (if anyone) owns it but something needs to be done with it because it is way cheaper to buy a new boat then to try and refurbish it.  Now that the Port of Rochester complex is full of tennants with Arbor at the Port for event space, brand new Bill Grays, California Rollin with its outdoor tiki bar and Jetty at the Port upstairs looking down on the water there is something for everyone. Combine that with a large public beach with free parking and a pier that gives a beautiful view on the sunset more people need to spend an evening after work down at the water. 

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