The number one thing people asked me last year was how come we can’t drink on the bikes, at the time I did not have the proper designation to allow people to drink but now I do 🙂 The alcohol policy is that you can bring a can or two of beer (12 oz cans) or wine per person to drink on the bike to drink. Let your group know that tall boys (bigger cans of beer) count as 2 drinks and we want people to avoid bringing them because they will be outside while you in the bar warming up so it is better to have 2 regular size cans for that reason as well. No glass, No liquor which includes jello shots and mixed drinks in water bottles and NO growlers or wine that you plan on drinking out of a solo cup because with all the bumps it makes a huge mess.  We let your group know these rules at every stage because they cannot bring them on the bike and the organizer needs to pass this on to the group because if someone brings it they have to bring it back to their car and they get upset because they have nothing to drink then. You cannot get off the bike and have the beer in your hand or walk out of a bar with a drink to bring on the bike. To comply with the regulations/law the first time someone gets off the bike with a beer and walks around that uses up the groups warning, after that whoever gets off the bike with a drink in hand must pour it out. If you are not a beer drinker, you can bring your own wine. The wine must come in a plastic bottle or one of those juice box wines (if they are the 500ml juice boxes they count as 2 alcoholic beverages towards your limit) you can buy both at your local liquor store. Growlers and boxed wine are not allowed on the bike, when groups pour them into cups they end spilling all over the bike which we cannot have. Guests are responsible for bringing the cooler and ice should they want to but only one cooler per group (size doesn’t matter) due to spacing constraints on the floor of the bike. Please pack accordingly, you aren’t going camping for a weekend, over the course of a tour people consume one or two beers. Between 2 drinks and a water per person that will fit in your standard size cooler. Don’t forget the water, everyone else is thinking drink drink drink but the water will get drank and enjoyed and appreciated later in the night. When we head back from the last stop it is a good idea to share a beer with a neighbor versus opening a new one because we don’t want to have to pour out any beer when we get back and the drinking stops. Make sure you bring some food and snacks for your group to munch on.

We are a responsible member of our community who do not want people driving drunk which is why we offer an array of options so no one has an excuse to. Where you park allows overnight parking at no additional cost, your driver will gladly give you the number of a cab to call and we also offer you a discounted overnight stay on a hotel room at the East Ave Inn (behind City Grill) just call them and mention you are with the pedal tours to take advantage of this great room rate. 

Last but not least you cannot open your own alcoholic beverages before the tour, whether it be in the street or worse at Marshall Street Bar and Grill. They are our partner bar and with how cheap all of their beer and drinks are there is no excuse to consume your own on your premise. They know your drink in a water bottle is not non alcoholic and we get in major trouble when people consume their own alcohol on their premise which is why anyone caught drinking their own is not allowed on our tour! Please respect that they are a business and we are running a business that involves partnerships so please do not ruin ours with this great establishment. 

Cheers to Rochester Pedal Tours

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