What A Great Start To The Year

pedal pub having a sign on the back of it that is celebrating a birthday

I can’t believe it is almost June and at how many pedal tours we have already done. No one appreciates this warm weather more then us your pedal tour drivers. All spring we have froze our butts off waiting on the bike while groups have been inside the bars and now it is warmer out […]

Progressive Dinner’s

five ladies having a meal togather posing for selfie with smiles on their faces

Progressive Dinners are perfect for any occasion whether it be a retirement party, birthday, team building or just because you dont want to just go to the bars and drink. You control where your group wants to go eat, it all comes down to how much people want to spend and what restaurants have good […]

Team Building/ Corporate Outings

What is the best type of tour?  When the boss pays for it There is no better team building or corporate outing in the Rochester area then rallying the office and going out on a pedal tour. We have all different types of options depending on your offices alcohol policy. For offices that are fine […]

What To Wear On Your Pedal Tour

Ladies in the summer you do not want to wear a skirt or sundress, remember you are sitting on a bike seat and it will be very uncomfortable. Bring a wristlet versus a large purse because you only need your ID and cash during the tour. Many women have told us we should recommend to […]

Year Round Pedal Tours

group of people smiling and posing on a pedal pub while being in the heavy snow

We have moved to a garage space at 180 Monroe Avenue which will allow us to store all 3 bikes and charge our batteries and speakers overnight before our tours. Have a garage space will also allow us to go year round which we did this past year in Buffalo. I know you are thinking who […]

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