8 ladies posing in front of a pedal pub celebrating a birthday

Decorating The Bike

Types of Decorations Not Allowed on Pedal Tours Giant number ballons for birthdays, giant bunches of ballons that block the drivers view of behind the

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group of ladies holding their friend in the air horizontally posing for a picture in front of a pedal pub

Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette parties are a huge part of our business!  You will have an absolute blast out with your girls on the bike as you cruise

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two pedal pub bikes one orange and one blue parked in front of a brick made building

2 Bike Tours

April 13th was our first 2 bike tour using our new bikes (the new bike wasn’t here in time for the St Patrick’s Day Parade)

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Alcohol Policy

The number one thing people asked me last year was how come we can’t drink on the bikes, at the time I did not have

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group of people with wide smiles posing for a picture in front of a pedal pub

Fall Tours

As I write this in November I am one week from packing up the bike and putting it into a garage to store it for

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